the Powder of Life a sequel to the novel Silver Shoes by: Paul Miles Schneider

Image  Paul’s first novel, Silver Shoes, was reviewed on the website by my friend Queenie D.  I didn’t read that book but when I was contacted by Paul to read and review his second novel, I happily agreed and I am glad that I did.  What an interesting read!

In this sequel, young Donald Gardner and his friends and family are once again involved in a very mysterious occurrence.  It turns out that the land of Oz is a real place in an alternate reality as well as other fairy tales such as Peter Pan and Alice and Wonderland.  I was a little lost because I did not read Silver Shoes, so I do recommend that you read that book first.   Donald and his friends travel to Oz to help save their own world from an evil man that wants to destroy it.  Paul has described the land of Oz in such wonderful detail that it feels as if you are really there.

I have to be honest and say that I was disappointed that the ending of this story wasn’t as descriptive as the middle of the novel.  To me, the ending felt abrupt.  It doesn’t stop me from recommending this book to readers of all ages.  Young adult readers would love it as well as older readers with a love for Oz!  Book club groups may struggle a little with topics to discuss besides Oz, so I give this book 3 crowns for book clubs.            Image


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