The Lost Magic Series by: Suzi Davis

Image Image Image   These three books, Amber Frost, Silver Dew and Sapphire Sun, make up this amazing young adult series that I believe can be the next big thing rivaling the Twilight series and Harry Potter.  I am totally smitten with the characters in this series, especially Sebastian and Grace.  Sebastian seems to be the irresistible bad boy and Grace is somewhere between the popular girl and the artistic, misunderstood girl.  This story is a love story with a coming of age story with a bit of magic mixed in.   Even though its genre is young adult, readers of all ages will love it.

I read these three books one right after the other and I was so upset when I finished the third book.  I am going to miss Sebastian and Grace and all of the characters that made up this incredible world.  The Lost Magic is an ancient magic that resides in a few people.  It can be used for good or evil and in this series, both sides are evident.  The stories are filled with action and adventure; love and hatred; friendship and betrayal and a magic that will hopefully be able to find its place with the right person and used for the right thing.  I highly recommend this series to individual readers and book club groups alike.  I give this series 5 crowns.  5_crowns

I am happy to announce my first ever CONTEST.  Please comment after this post with your email address or email me at,  your email address and you will be entered to win this 3 book series signed by the author in your choice of ebook format!  Contest ends:  March 24, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST.   


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