Making It by: Helen Klein Ross

Image  Audrey is an advertising executive that is the epitome of Madison Avenue.  Her husband is Mr. Mom.  He has raised their son Paley and taken care of the household chores after losing his job.  Audrey sometimes struggles with the role of working mother but she wouldn’t have given it up for anything.  When her company merges together with a newer, hipper agency, Audrey makes the decision to fit in.  She gives herself a makeover from head to toe and flirts mercilessly with her much younger boss.

Behind the lies and betrayal, Audrey exhibits the fear that some working mothers fear;  have they done enough for their children?  Audrey flip flops with her answer to this question and goes through some jealousy when she sees her husband and son together.  Audrey also fights the demon inside that convinces her that her husband is doing nothing with himself and that her younger boss has everything she needs.

This is a great read although I do not agree with some of the situations in the book as well as the comment made about school staff.  Audrey’s role in the betrayal in this book will provide for a good book club discussion.  I give this book 4 crowns for book clubs.



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