Have No Shame by: Melissa Foster

Image                Set in 1967 Arkansas, this novel is a wonderful story about the colors of love.  Alison Tillman is a young, white girl whose daddy is set in his old ways.  Even though the rest of the country is starting to see a significant change in the treatment of African Americans, this little town of Arkansas is stuck in time.  A change occurs in Alison as soon as she finds the body of a black man floating in the river.  It is an image that is burned into her mind and helps her re-examine her views.

Alison’s older sister Maggie has moved to New York and we quickly learn that Maggie does not agree with what is still happening in Forrest Town.  Maggie is the opposite of Alison in that she will stand up to her father no matter the consequences.  Alison is all set to marry the boy that her father has given his blessing to, but she has her doubts.  She meets and befriends Jackson Johns and she questions everything she has ever known.

This is a beautiful story that grips your head and your heart from the moment you read the first page.  It is truthful and wonderfully written.  I recommend putting Have No Shame at the top of your MUST READ list!  It made me think about what is currently going on in the world and how we think.  Are we more like Jimmy Lee or Alison?  I give this book 5 crowns for book club groups and individual readers alike, however; I know that once you read it, you will want to talk about it with everyone!



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