While We Were Watching Downton Abbey by: Wendy Wax

Image  I hadn’t watched an episode of Downton Abbey before reading this book and at first I thought I would be lost, but I should’ve known better.  Wendy Wax is an excellent storyteller and this book is the story of women who find friendship in the most unlikely of places.  At the Alexander, a grand apartment building in Atlanta, concierge Edward Parker has arranged a weekly viewing party for the popular British series “Downton Abbey”.  He is the most perfect character for this story.  He knows each person that lives in the Alexander and he meets their needs before they even know what their needs are.

This story follows three particular women; Brooke MacKenzie, Claire Walker and Samantha Davis and the development of their most unlikely friendship.  I absolutely loved this book and the stories that are woven through it.  Downtown Abbey becomes a foundation for the growth of friendship and confidence for the residents of the Alexander.  There is some discussion about episodes of Downton Abbey so be forewarned, however, I don’t think it will be an issue, the story sticks with you more than the details of the television series. I have just started to watch Season 1 of Downtown Abbey and I am thank Wendy Wax for that!

Book club groups would have a blast reading this and incorporating episodes of Downton Abbey into their meetings.  Just make sure the be careful of the shandies!!  I give this book 5 crowns for book clubs!



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