Whistling Past the Graveyard by: Susan Crandall

Image     Growing up is difficult.  It is hard for every child that has ever lived and will be hard for those that are not yet here.  For 9 year old Starla Claudelle, growing up in Mississippi in 1963 with just her Mamie was beyond difficult.  While her daddy was working on an oil rig and her Momma was off getting famous for her music, Starla was left with her Mamie and her Mamie was not a happy lady.  She was mean to Starla and repeatedly told her that she wished she hadn’t been born.

After a series of events, Starla runs away from her life in Mississippi to find her Momma in Nashville.  On her way out of town, she gets a ride from a black woman named Eula and a white baby boy that was called James.  You can just imagine how life is for a white little girl and a white baby boy with a black woman in Mississippi in 1963.  This unlikely combination makes from some dangerous situations.

This is an amazing book and it really shows that sometimes strangers make a better family than your own flesh and blood.  One of my favorite quotes in this book is, “My daddy always said being brave wasn’t not being scared. Being brave was keeping going when you were.”  Please, please, please read this book, you will not regret it!  I give this book 5 crowns for book clubs and individuals alike.