Astor Place Vintage By: Stephanie Lehmann

Astor Place Vintage: A Novel    I love to read about vintage clothing and found items.  It is nice to imagine the stories behind them.  Lucky for Amanda, she doesn’t have to imagine too much.  She has found a diary sown into a muff that she has purchased for her store.  As she reads this diary, she is transported to another time.  She reads about Olive and her friends and as it turns out, they have lived an almost parallel life.

I enjoyed this book even though I could’ve sworn I had read it before (I haven’t).  I have read other books about Vintage clothing stores and maybe this one is similar, but nonetheless, I liked it.  The details of NYC in 1907 transported me back to that time.  The description of Coney Island made me want to plan my next trip there.  I loved the characters and their honesty.  I highly recommend this book.  I give it 4 crowns for book club groups.


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