Between You and Me by: Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Image  From the authors of The Nanny Diaries comes a new novel.  This time it is about family and friendship and where the lines between the two cross.  Kelsey Wade is a famous singer and has been living in the spotlight for years.  Her cousin Logan was once so close to Kelsey but they were forced apart by and accident that changed everything.  One unplanned trip to visit Kelsey changed Logan’s life forever.

What was supposed to be a vacation to visit with her long ago best friend and cousin turned in to a full-time job as her assistant.  There are many ups and downs in this newly forged relationship and Logan seems willing to stay with Kelsey and her help her through it all.  Will that be possible when the past comes back to haunt them?

This is another great book by the famous author duo.  It had my attention from start to finish.  I highly recommend this book to people who loved The Nanny Diaries and to those who haven’t read that yet!!


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