He Knows Your Name by: Travis Cottrell with introduction by Beth Moore & The Power of an Ordinary Prayer by Michael W. Smith with Tom Williams


These tiny books, a mere 155 and 126 pages respectively, pack a wallop of a punch.  In, He Knows Your Name, Beth Moore opens  with a brief introduction that prepares you for the journey that Travis Cottrell is about to take you on.  The chapters focus on Worship and break it down into small sections including such topics as Surprises, Joy, Hope and Healing to mention a few.  Each chapter reiterates that fact that God knows each of us by name and is waiting for us to bring ourselves to Him fully.

In, The Power of an Ordinary Prayer, Michael W. Smith talks about how to pray for particular blessings from God such as Spiritual Health, a Pure Mind and Personal Holiness.  Some chapters contain personal stories and others mention stories of Biblical people.

With no more than 10 chapters, it is up to you as to how you would like to read and use these books.  They can be used as a daily devotional by reading a chapter a day and using the reflection pages each day; they can be used as a weekly devotional in which you can expand on the chapters by digging deeper into the Scriptures that are mentioned in each chapter and taking your time in answering the reflection questions; and it can be expanded over months by really creating a Bible study for yourself using the book as a guide.

They are a good read and  great devotionals but I wish that there were accompanying CD’s or a list of songs that have touched the hearts of Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore and Michael W. Smith.

Christian book club groups and individuals will enjoy these books.  I give them 4 crowns.


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