Time Flies by: Claire Cook

Image    Melanie had moved away from all of her friends and family years ago because her husband had believed that they could have a better life with their family in a new state.  Years later, he left Melanie to be with another woman.  Melanie was left alone to live in this state that she didn’t think she belonged in.

Melanie is dealing with going through a divorce, becoming an empty-Nester and facing her high school reunion.  She is passionate about her hobby of welding and making sculptures and was trying to make that her career, her only hangup was this complete fear of driving on highways. No one knows this about her, not even her best friend BJ.  BJ is trying everything she can to convince Melanie to attend this reunion and get together with her old friends.

High School reunions can be funny events.  They seem to make us want to prove that we are better than our former classmates but just as cool as we were in high school.  They can make us revert back to the behaviors that we exhibited in high school or can just remind us of the way things used to be.  Some of those memories may be distorted and some may be ones of pure enjoyment.

Melanie went to her reunion hoping to rekindle an old flame, instead, she found her true self.  I really enjoyed this book and I give it 5 crowns for book club groups and individuals alike.


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