Sisters in Bloom (Snow Sisters Book Two) by: Melissa Foster

Image    The second installment in the Snow Sister series finds Kaylie Snow very emotional and hormonal due to her pregnancy and Danica Snow loving her life with Blake and fulfilling her dream as the Founder of No Limitz, a community youth center.

Kaylie is struggling to understand her mother’s decision to stay with her father even though she knew about his affair and she is concerned that she will end up weak like her mother.  She is attempting to secure singing jobs for after the birth of her baby and when they don’t come as easy as they used to, she crumbles under the stress.  Danica is so happy and is challenged to make herself even happier but she is conflicted because she is always worried about her sister.

Will Kaylie be able to work through her fears and become the adult that she ought to be?  Will becoming a mother be enough for her?  Will Danica decide that she can’t make all of her decisions based on her little sister?  Wait until you read what is in store for these two lovable sisters!!


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