Storm Front A Derrick Storm Thriller by: Richard Castle

Image     I wish I knew who really penned these books; I have a few guesses but nothing concrete.  Either way, I love reading books by Richard Storm (it feels really weird typing that name as the author of the book when I know that he is a fictitious character).  I am a fan of the television show and I have read all of the books.  They are written with the same finesse as the Richard Castle character.

This is not the first story about Derrick Storm, however, it is the first one not in an e-book format.  Derrick Storm is a CIA agent who has played dead for years.  When he is brought back to life to help solve a case that involves Gregor Volkov, a madman that he thought he had killed the last time, he is determined to get rid of him once and for all.  As bankers are tortured and killed around the world, Derrick Storm is piecing together the nature of these crimes.  Along the way he finds himself in the middle of a love connection.

This is a great read as well as the Nikki Heat series!

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