The Suite Life by: Suzanne Corso

Image  In this sequel to Brooklyn Story, we find Samantha Bonti older and hopefully wiser.  She has written a book about her life and is hoping to have it published.  She has moved on from her controlling relationship with a mobster and has made a friend at work.  She still dreams of moving to the City and when she meets Alec DeMarco, a Wall Street tycoon, she feels her dream will become her reality.

The Suite Life details the new life of Samantha Bonti and touches upon where she came from, briefly.  I did not read the first book but did not find myself lost with this sequel.  I enjoyed this book and found Samantha to be a strong woman who has been dealt a few struggles in her lifetime.  Even though it is fictional, I found it to be motivating.  The lesson being to make sure that you do not lose who you are as a person when you become part of a couple in which the other half is overpowering.

It was a good read and I give it 4 crowns.   4_crowns

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