Believe In Me by: Mishael Austin Witty

Believe_in_Me!_Full_cover_PDF_prep-page-0Christmas time is a very stressful time for Trina Gray.  Last year during the holiday at her parents home, she walked in on a scene that she can not erase from her memory.  Her husband and her sister kissing under the mistletoe.  This one moment changed life as she had known it.    Now in the process of a divorce  and ignoring a sister that she refuses to speak to, Trina is returning home to celebrate Christmas once again.  Little does she know that what awaits her at her parents house will make her really think back on her relationships and contemplate how it has all changed.  Trina was forced to make decisions about her future that would change everything.

This was a fast read but a good one.  I enjoyed the characters and enough detail was given that I didn’t feel as if I needed to know vital pieces of information that had been left out.  It was well written and beautifully thought out.  This is Mishael’s second novel and I was impressed.  I give this book 4 crowns.


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