Beyond Escape by: Deborah Jensen  Kim’s marriage is over and she has a month long vacation from work.  In order to try and move forward with her life, she plans to visit her parents in their retirement community for a month during the holiday season.  She is relying on the sun and the quiet to put the pieces of her life back together.  She definitely didn’t plan on dealing with the illness of a parent nor meeting a handsome, young, Spanish man that would rock her world.

Kim has hidden some memories deep inside and as she travels to Texas, they come flooding back.  She remembers the details of a long ago love affair that never should have happened.  As she tries to forget, more and more confusing details bombard her.  Kim now finds herself in the middle of a mystery that involves drug smuggling, lies and love.  Will her world ever be the same again?

I loved this book and couldn’t put it down.  I am hoping for a sequel to pick up where this one left off because I have so many questions.  I highly recommend this book and I give it 5 crowns for individuals and book club groups alike.


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