Giving Myself Away by: Grete DeAngelo

Image    Adrienne is a mom of two young boys who is trying to figure out her new life after a divorce.  When Adrienne found out that her high school sweetheart come husband was cheating on her, she didn’t know what she would do without him by her side.  She looks to a close friend for support and after one drunken night, finds herself pregnant with his baby.  He is a divorcee as well and would love to marry Adrienne and raise this baby together but she does not want that.  She decided to give this baby up for adoption.

Grete takes the reader through Adrienne’s roller coaster of emotions throughout the pregnancy and the adoption process.  What I found was that the emotions and thoughts that Adrienne felt on dealing with a divorce and being a newly single mother were so on target.  Grete watched her ex-husband fall in love with someone else and share his life with her and her emotions were so accurate, I couldn’t help but relate.

Giving Myself Away is a perfect title and this book is very well written.  I highly recommend this book to individuals and book club groups alike.  I give this book 5 crowns.


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