Food Triggers by: Rhona Epstein

  Book Summary from Worthy Publishing:

End Your Cravings, Eat Well and Live Better

Remember the old Lays® Potato Chips slogan “Bet you can’t eat just one”? Psychologist Rhona Epstein says we all have foods that can trigger overeating. Food Triggers shows how to work with your body chemistry to gain total freedom from such impulse eating.
A licensed psychologist and certified addictions counselor, Epstein brings insights learned through her own battle with addictive eating to deliver tangible action steps to overcome eating issues. It is written for people who are currently battling an unhealthy relationship with food. Food Triggers is full of practical applications from Scripture, genuine compassion and true stories of struggle and success. This book helps readers understand that addictive eating is a physical, emotional and spiritual problem that must be addressed on all three levels in order to achieve true freedom. Food Triggers isn’t just another diet book; it is truly a food addict’s roadmap to the Promised Land—the land of success, peace and total freedom.
My Book Review:
     This is an interesting book but it reads slightly like a text book.  I was not able to just sit and read it as I would another nonfiction or fiction book.  I believe that Rhona has some accurate points and she makes them well; what you would expect from a licensed  psychologist, certified addictions counselor and marriage and family therapist.  Since she has personally struggled with food addiction, she does personalize the material in this book.  I recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn more about food addiction for themselves or in order to help others.  It is a valuable tool to have in your mind as we see the world continue to struggle with food.

Morning Glory by: Sarah Jio

Image     This is the first book that I’ve read by Sarah Jio and I am ashamed of that.  What a wonderfully and beautifully written novel.  The story touched my soul and took me on a journey of a lifetime.  I used to write reviews on a blog called Book Club Queen and I know my partner over there has read and reviewed some of Sarah’s older novels.  I have had her novels on my Barnes & Noble wishlist for some time now but have not gotten around to purchasing them.  While out Christmas shopping this past Holiday season, I came across Morning Glory and grabbed it.  I am so happy that I did.

Living life on a houseboat has always fascinated me and this story has just rekindled that desire to at least vacation on a houseboat at some point in my life.  Ada and Penny are two women that have lived through some trying situations and there strength is admirable.  I loved how the characters in the story tied together and I recommend this to everyone!  I give this book 5 crowns for individuals and book club groups alike.


Eyes Wide Open by: Ted Dekker

ImageSeller Author’s new Young Adult series Outlaw.  This first installment is very unique in that in can be read in a variety of ways.  It is split up into 4 sections that can be read like “episodes” of television show or it can be read straight through as one novel.  Since I am an avid reader and I couldn’t put this book down, I opted to read it in its’ entirety.  I know that this is considered a Young Adult novel but it is so well written anyone would enjoy it. 

      Ted Dekker was born to missionaries and this book is published by Worthy Publishing which means that it is a Christian YA novel however, if you didn’t know that, you would not feel as if it is a Christian novel.  Ted does not write about sex nor does he discuss religion.  Similar to C.S. Lewis’ well beloved Narnia series, you have to deeply search for the religious undertones in this suspenseful novel.

     I give this book 5 crowns. 


Flowers in the Attic by: V.C. Andrews


I read Flowers in the Attic when I was a teen and I remember hiding to read it.  I borrowed it from an older friend and was so excited.  This book is now released as a mass market paperback tie-in for the upcoming Lifetime Movie!  On Saturday, January 18, 2014, Lifetime will be premiering this newly made for television movie.  The cast looks amazing and I can’t wait to watch it.  When I have the opportunity to do so, I will reread this book.  I wonder if it would seem as taboo now as it did back then.  

Check out the trailer for Flowers in the Attic:


Heather Graham              as Corrine

Ellen Burstyn                      as Olivia

Kiernan Shipka                  as Young Cathy

Dylan Bruce                        as Bart

Mason Dye                         as Christopher

Chad Willett                       as Christopher Sr.

Ava Telek                            as Carrie

Maxwell Kovach               as Cory


Make sure to read this book, again or for the first time, and tune in Jan. 18th!

Bloodmark by: Aurora Whittet


About Bloodmark Saga

Sixteen-year-old werewolf princess Ashling Boru is different from other wolves—she was able to shift to wolf form at birth. Rather than bringing pride to her family, it brings fear, and as a result, she is forced to live in seclusion in Ireland’s countryside. Ashling’s reputation is further blackened when she refuses her betrothed and defies the ancient laws. When her pack’s oldest rivals begin hunting her, she finds herself in the small town of York Harbor, Maine—far from everything she’s ever known.

In Maine, she crosses paths with the dark and rebellious Grey Donavan, and something ignites within her soul. There’s just one problem: Grey is human. Their instant connection turns into a passionate romance, and Ashling begins to believe she can create her own life outside of wolf laws. When she begins to uncover long-buried pack secrets—secrets that threaten to destroy all she holds dear—Ashling’s courage and tenacity are tested. Will she choose her deep and enduring love for Grey, or will she follow Old Mother’s path to her destiny?


Review from my YA reader:
I loved this book. I was a mix of suspense and fantasy. I loved the Celtic aspect of it as well as the werewolves. I am excited that this is a trilogy and I can keep reading about Ashling. This story kept my interest the whole way through and I would recommend it to my friends.

From Mom’s perspective:
I am always looking for books in this genre that would hold my daughter’s interest. She loved the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Game series and when the chance to review this new series came up, I jumped on the opportunity. Sometimes finding decent books in this YA genre is difficult. Thank you Aurora for creating this trilogy!

We give this book 5 crowns. 5_crowns