Eyes Wide Open by: Ted Dekker

ImageSeller Author’s new Young Adult series Outlaw.  This first installment is very unique in that in can be read in a variety of ways.  It is split up into 4 sections that can be read like “episodes” of television show or it can be read straight through as one novel.  Since I am an avid reader and I couldn’t put this book down, I opted to read it in its’ entirety.  I know that this is considered a Young Adult novel but it is so well written anyone would enjoy it. 

      Ted Dekker was born to missionaries and this book is published by Worthy Publishing which means that it is a Christian YA novel however, if you didn’t know that, you would not feel as if it is a Christian novel.  Ted does not write about sex nor does he discuss religion.  Similar to C.S. Lewis’ well beloved Narnia series, you have to deeply search for the religious undertones in this suspenseful novel.

     I give this book 5 crowns. 


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