Winter at the White Oaks Lodge. by: Abbie Williams

Image.   This is book four in the Shore Leaves Café series and I did not read the other books.  However, I was not lost without reading the rest of the series.  When I first started this book, I felt as if the timeline of the book was disjointed.  I felt as if I was reading about summer vacation in one paragraph and the next the characters were decorating for Christmas.  It remained this way for a while before becoming a story with a purpose.  I am not saying this to be offensive to the author, I am merely providing my thoughts on the flow of this book.

Once the story got moving, I immediately connected with the characters and couldn’t put the book down.  I wanted to know everything about them and I wasn’t disappointed.  Camille Gordon is a young, single mother whose strength and determination make her very relatable.  When she finds an old photograph in her Grandmother’s attic, she feels this undeniable connection and must know who this stranger is.  When she befriends the family that is a later generation of the man in the photograph, she doesn’t realize that her life will become complete.

This is a story about love and trust and fate.  It portrays a connection between two characters with Abbie’s writing style, better than  other love stories.  It was if I could tangibly feel the sparks.  I did find the ending a bit abrupt although it did complete the story.  I just didn’t want to stop reading about them.

I give this book 4 crowns.   4_crowns