Murder at the Book Group. By: Maggie King

21412200.   I love to read murder mysteries, especially ones that involve food or book clubs.  I was thrilled when I saw this book as a potential review opportunity.  I did receive this book before the holidays but ran out of time to read it.  I was finally able to dive right in.

I loved the premise of this book and it had me guessing until the end.  It was attention grabbing and fun to read but my only complaint was that I  felt as it there were too many characters.  I found myself getting a bit confused with all of the female names and trying to organize them in my head.  It reminded me of reading an Agatha Christie novel; for me, that is one author I struggle with.  However, if you are a Christie fan, give this book a try.

All in all, I would probably read the next installment and I hope that I would have the characters straight in my head by then.