Invisible City by: Julia Dahl

Cover: Invisible City   I picked up the hardcover edition of this book from  I decided to get it just based on its’ description.  I had not heard anything about this book previously.  I am so glad that I got it.  THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!

Rebekah Roberts is a reporter for a tabloid paper and is sent on many assignments everyday.  She is always running from one location to another to try to get the scoop on the story.  She is sent to Brooklyn to cover a story of a murdered  Hasidic woman.  There is something about this story that hits home with Rebekah and she feels obligated to catch this killer.  Rebekah grew up only with her Christian father because her mother, who was Jewish, abandoned her when she was an infant.  As she tries to get more information about this victim, Rebekah has to deal with the reemerging anger and confusion that her own mother has caused.  Rebekah learns more and more about the Hasidic community and is bothered by the fact the the NYPD isn’t more invested in finding the killer.

I read this book last week while we were experiencing some very warm weather and I found myself having a hard time pulling myself away from the setting of the book.  I would tell myself to get my coat and gloves because I believed that the weather outside was the same as that in the story.  I was shocked that I was so absorbed by this book.  I then read about the author and found out that Julia Dahl is a news reporter.  Now this made sense.

I had the pleasure of meeting Julia Dahl this past weekend at BookCon 2015 and she autographed my copy of this book.  She was the sweetest woman and her new book is coming out the end of June.  She is an author that I would love to sit down with and just chat like girlfriends do.  Thanks Julia for taking the time to sign my book!

invisible city

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