A Week at the Lake. by: Wendy Wax


She has done it again!  Wendy Wax has gifted us with a wonderful new read just in time for the summer.  A Week at the Lake is story of friendship and family that takes you on a journey of emotions.  From the impactful beginning, you can not help but be hooked.  I didn’t want to put this book down.  It had an element of mystery and I just love the style of writing from Wendy.

What would you do if your former best friend invited you to her lake house after not speaking to you I five years?  Would you go?  What if a series of unfortunate incidents occurs preceding your arrival to the lake house, would you stay with your former friends?  What if there are secrets that have the potential to change life as you know it?

I recommend that you eat chocolate cake (preferably for breakfast) while devouring this book.