#ARCAugust week 3 update

becoming darkness

Becoming Darkness by: Lindsay Francis Brambles

Will Be Released October 1, 2015

Synopsis:  Like everyone else living in Haven, seventeen-year-old Sophie Harkness is an Immune–a carrier of the genetic mutation that protects her from the virus Hitler unleashed upon the world more than half a century ago. A virus that wiped out most of humanity and turned two-hundred million people into vamps. But after her best friend is brutally murdered and several attempts are made on her own life, Sophie becomes determined to find answers to what seems to be a conspiracy running generations deep. And when she questions the peace treaty that keeps her small community protected, Sophie begins to discover terrible truths about herself and what it means to be human in a world ruled by darkness. 

Review:  I won this ARC at Book Con this summer and at first I didn’t think I would read it.  Once I decided to participate in #ARCAugust, I pulled all the ARCs from my shelf and made the commitment to give each one a try.  Week 3 of #ARCAugust led me to this book and I am so glad that it did.  I really enjoyed this book.  I don’t normally gravitate towards vampire stories but this novel is different.  CONFESSION:  Yes, I did read the Twilight series after trying not to for the longest time and yes, I did like them.  However, this book was nothing like the vampires in Twilight.  These vamps were political and bold and the main character who was an Immune was fierce and brave.

One of my favorite aspects of this book was that within the story there was a book that kept reappearing.  That book was a fictional story to them about an alternate world, but that world was ours.  I thought that was brilliant!

This was a long novel but I could not put it down and I am hoping that this is not a stand alone novel…I need more!

Diary of a mad brownie

Next up was a middle grade novel: Diary of a Mad Brownie by Bruce Coville.  It has been a while that since I have read a middle grade book for myself and unfortunately, I couldn’t get into this book.  I wish I could say that it was only due to the fact that it was geared to the middle grade reader however, the main character, the brownie, had a heavy accent that made reading this very difficult and annoying.  I was thinking of giving it to my nephew but it bothers me that the words that are used seem like misspellings instead of an accent.

Then, I thought I had completed my goal of reading all of my ARCs from my TBR shelf until I looked closer and found one more hiding there.

Christopher's Diary Synopsis: Jealousy, tragedy, survival, and revenge- the discovery of Christopher’s diary in the ruins of Foxworth Hall brings new secrets of the Dollanganger family to light and obsesses a new generation. With Flowers in the Attic and Petals on the Wind both now major Lifetime TV events, this first new addition to the Dollanganger story in nearly thirty years is a timely look at the events in the attic- from teenage Christopher’s point of view.

Christopher Dollanganger was fourteen when he and his younger siblings-Cathy and the twins, Cory and Carrie-were locked away in the attic of Foxworth Hall, prisoners of their mother’s greedy inheritance scheme. For three long years he kept hope alive for the sake of the others. But the shocking truth about how their ordeal affected him was always kept hidden-until now.

Seventeen-year-old Kristin Masterwood is thrilled when her father’s construction company is hired to inspect the Foxworth property for a prospective buyer. The once grand Southern mansion still sparks legends and half-truths about the four innocent Dollanganger children, even all these decades later. Foxworth holds a special fascination for Kristin, who was too young when her mother died to learn much about her distant blood tie to the notorious family.

Accompanying her dad to the forbidden territory- they find a leather-bound book, its yellowed pages filled with the neat script of Christopher Dollanganger himself. Her father grows increasingly uneasy about her reading it, but as she devours the teen’s story page by page, his shattering account of temptation, heartache, courage, and betrayal overtakes Kristin’s every thought. And soon her obsession with the doomed boy crosses a dangerous line…

Review:  I read Flowers in the Attic a very long time ago and even then I found it disturbing.  To me, this was a retelling of the same disturbing story but it is drawn out into a series of new books.  V.C. Andrews is no longer alive and her estate has various writers for these new novels.  Honestly, I would say, just leave well enough alone.

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