Season to Taste How I Lost My Sense of Smell and Found My Way by: Molly Birnbaum

Season to Taste.jpg  Another #NONFICTIONNOVEMBER read!

I found this book on and decided to get it.  The synopsis of Molly’s story intrigued me.

An aspiring student of the Culinary Institute of America, Molly has landed a job working in a restaurant and training with a chef.  She was told that she would start out as a dishwasher and work her way up, learning as she went.  Everyday she cleaned pots and pans, plates and dishes and was able to help with the preparation of the herbs and vegetables.  Each day she was tested on the smells and tastes of different varieties of herbs so that she would become accustomed to them.  One morning, very close to the first day of classes, she was out running and hit by a car.  She was badly injured but her bones would heal.

Due to some head trauma, she lost her sense of smell which of course affected her taste.  She could not smell anything and she could barely tell the textures of the food that she put into her mouth.  Doctors were unsure if her sense of smell would ever return.

This story had a very interesting beginning.  It was written well and I wanted to know about what would happen to Molly.  Unfortunately, it took a very scientific turn and I struggled to get through those parts.  There were bits of the story woven in, so I did finish this book, but for me, there was too much scientific data and research.

I gave this book 3 crowns because there was enough of a story to enjoy.


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