Double Down by: Gabra Zackman

Double Down

The 3rd installment of The Bod Squad is being released on January 11, 2016.  I was thrilled to be asked to read and review the newest title in this series.  I love this series for many reasons and its’ badass female characters definitely do not disappoint.  I am a fan of mystery books and I like some romance in my books as well.  The Bod Squad, it just the perfect combination of all of these.  Gabra does go a bit into the details of the romantic scenes, but they are not the entire premise of the book.

After a coded message appears in the sky in the middle of a wedding ceremony, the team sets out on a dangerous mission to revenge the death of one of their own.  Traveling to other countries and searching for clues, the team members are determined to rectify their current situation.  Each of the books so far, focuses on the love life of two different people.  All team members are included in each book, but the focus does shift.  I enjoy learning more about each member and their skill set.

I give this book 4 crowns.



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