Lock & Mori by: Heather W. Petty

Lock & Mori

Confession:  I don’t think I ever read the real Sherlock Holmes stories and if I did, it was one and a very long time ago.  I do however, love to watch Elementary on CBS and have since it first aired in 2012.  So when this book through a Goodreads Giveaway, I was thrilled.

This is a YA take on Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty.  This story has it’s own mystery that Lock & Mori try to solve.  I liked the relationship between Lock & Mori although some reviewers disliked it because they felt like it was a case of “insta-love”.

I am going to go off on a bit of a tangent here and say that I don’t mind “insta-love” when it is done correctly.  I am a believer in love at first sight in real life and when it is done in books, as long as their are other aspects to the relationship, I don’t mind it.

Lock & Mori connected in a way that Mori needed to connect.  She is a young girl with responsibilities way beyond what she should have.  Lock provides a sense of security and a bit of reason.  I did enjoy this book and would pick up the next installment when it is released.

I gave this 4 crowns.


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