The Gift by: Cecelia Ahern

The Gift

I am not usually a seasonal reader, however this year I was in the mood to read some books that took place during the Christmas season.  I purchased this book and read it almost immediately.  I love Cecelia Ahern but haven’t read all of her books.  I had a feeling that this would be a tear jerker and I was correct.

Lou Suffern is your typical workaholic that spends more time with his work family then he does with his own family.  One day, he takes notice of a seemingly homeless man that sits outside his office building and can’t get him out of his mind.  As he “befriends” Gabe, things in his life become more complicated.  Gabe seems to have the ability to move about extremely quickly and be in multiple places at once.  This is Lou’s dream.  Will he be able to fulfill that dream with Gabe’s help?  Will Lou decide that his family is worth more to him than his job?

I loved this book and gave it  crowns.


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