Angels Burning by: Tawni O’Dell

Angels Burning

From Gallery Books press release:

From Tawni O’Dell, author of the New York Times bestselling novel and Oprah Book Club selection Back Roads, comes ANGELS BURNING (Gallery Books; January 5, 2016; Trade Paperback Original; $16.00), a fast-paced literary thriller about a small town police chief who is forced to dig into her own shadowy past as she investigates the murder of a teenage girl.

When a girl’s body is found in a  fiery sinkhole in an abandoned coal town, Chief Dove Carnahan—a true trailblazer who would do anything to protect the rural countryside where she has lived all fifty of her years—is faced with solving the worst crime of her career. Dove identifies the girl as a daughter of the Truly family, a notorious dynasty of redneck irascibility and petty criminals.  But when the man convicted of killing Dove’s mother years earlier is released from prison—still proclaiming his innocence—his startling accusation will force Dove to face the parallels between her own family’s trauma and that of the Trulys.

With countless accolades to her credit, Tawni O’Dell writes with the “fearless insights” (New York Times Book Review) she brought to the page in Back Roads and One of Us.  In this masterfully told psychological thriller, the past and present collide to reveal the extent some will go to escape their fate, and in turn, the crimes committed to push them back to where they began.

My Review:

The description of this story had me intrigued so I accepted this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  I had never heard of Tawni O’Dell and I saw that her previous novel was selected as an Oprah Book Club pick.  I really did not know what to expect from this story other than it was marketed as a mystery.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book.  I don’t know if it was the writing style or the storyline, but I kept reading this book in hopes that it would get better.  I had invested my time to reading over 150 pages and I did want to see how it wrapped up, so I did not DNF it.  Had it not been a mystery, I probably would’ve put it down.

It has good reviews on Goodreads, so maybe this book just wasn’t for me.  If the storyline sounds like something you would be interested in, then give it a chance.  I have found that for the most part, I do not agree with Oprah’s Book Club selections so maybe it is just my preference of writing styles.

I gave this book 2 crowns.




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