Guest Post Giveaway & Review How I Became My Father…A Drunk by: William G. Borchert

My Father...A Drunk

Book #1 of #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

I have always had an interest in dealing with the disease of alcoholism.  I can remember my parents working with recovery addicts in a church when I was younger.  I have a desire to help people with struggle with addiction and I am trying to finish up the few classes that I need in order to sit for the licensing exam.

When I was asked to read and review this true story, I accepted.  This is an autobiography of William G. Borchert that tells his story of growing up with an alcoholic father to becoming one himself.  This story is wonderfully written and I do not read non-fiction on a regular basis.

William was incredibly honest about how hard it was to live with an alcoholic father and talked about how one day he became the person he swore he wouldn’t be.  William started out thinking he would become a priest and eventually wound up a writer.  He tells his story of how that came to be.

I enjoyed this story until I reached the last chapter or two.  Then it felt as if I was reading a promotional for all of the things that William has written.  I didn’t find it necessary to list, by title, each book.  That was a bit of a turn off to me and led me to giving this 4 crowns.


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