Love & Care For the One & Only YOU by: Michelle Medlock Adams

Love & Care

I received this book for an honest review from First Look by Worthy Publishing Group.

This is a nicely constructed, small inspirational book that is divided into 52 mini chapters that are 2-3 pages each.  This is almost like a devotional type of book that deals with taking care of YOU.  It is not a dietary instructional nor an exercise tutorial.  It is simply learning how to reformat your thoughts while including some religious aspects.  Each chapter ends with a very short prayer and a thought.

Being that this is divided into 52 chapters so that it is easy to read throughout the year.  I plan to read 1 chapter a week and try to focus on the “theme” for the week.  There are a few recipes in this book and I will definitely be taking a better look at those. All in all, this seems to be a great book to leave on a nightstand to grab at the beginning of the week and reflect on.

It is set up in an easy to use way and is not too in-your-face with any one thing.  It seems to provide some valuable food for thought that will help you take care of you.


first look



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