Henna House by: Nomi Eve

Henna House

Book #3 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

This was a cover buy from BookOutlet.com.  I love henna and the stories behind it so I couldn’t pass this exquisite  cover up.  This is a story told from the perspective of Adela Damari, a young Yemenite Jew from the 1920’s.  As the narrator of this story, Adela takes us from her childhood through her life into her adulthood.  Adela was a scared young girl who was afraid of being taken by the Confiscator is and when her father died.  In order to prevent that from happening, she had to marry.  At 8 years old, Adela was  engaged to a boy that then left with his father on a business trip.

The story details Adela life with her parents and her cousin and her Aunt who practiced the art of henna.  Henna was used traditional to decorate a bride before her wedding but the use of henna at that time in that culture was a controversial one.  Her aunt was accused of casted spells on her customers that were embedded in to the henna designs.  Just like now, people were afraid of things that they didn’t know about or understand.

This was a beautiful story and I enjoyed it.  I gave it 4 crowns.




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