Wrap Up


2016 started out great!  Here are my stats:

Books Read/Listened to: 12

Books I DNF’ed: 1

5 crown reads: 5

4.5 crown reads: 1

4 crown reads: 4

3 crown reads: 1

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks: 5

This was a very successful reading month for me!  I read 5 of my own books and the rest were review books and audiobooks.  I did not purchase ANY books this month and I have put $1 in a jar for every book that I have read or listened to.

Can’t wait to see what February brings!


I forgot that I signed up to participate in the Backlist Books Challenge.  Here is the link for that Challenge: http://www.prettydeadlyblog.com/announcement-the-backlist-books-reading-challenge/

For this challenge I read 6 books.



One thought on “Wrap Up

  1. What a fantastic idea of putting a dollar in a jar for each success. I need to incorporate something like that…

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