Wrap Up


Another month has flown by.  Here are my stats:

Books Read/Listened to: 12

Books I DNF’ed: 1

5 crown reads: 5

4 crown reads: 5

3.5 crown reads: 1

2.5 crown reads: 1

#ReadMyOwnDamnBooks: 6

This was another great reading month for me.  I was able to read a lot of books and there was a nice mix of books that were my own as well as those that I read from the library.  I had several non-fiction books this month and that is an accomplishment for me.  I did cave a bit and purchased some books because my favorite site was having a President’s Day sale.  I still added $1 in the jar for ever book read!


Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by:Leah Remini


Ever since this book came out, I wanted to get my hands on it and read it.  I put myself on the waitlist at my local library for the e-book edition and it finally came in.  I have always found myself to be interested in people who have found themselves to be a part of and then break away from “organized, cultish religions”.

I am going to assume that we all were surprised that Tom Cruise, the “celebrity face of Scientology” jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch while proclaiming his love for Katie Holmes.  It was very unusual for a Scientologist to behave in this way.  Leah Remini talks very openly and honestly on her views of this situation and her feelings about Tom’s role in the “church”.

I love Leah Remini as a female actress and her snarky personality just adds to her appeal.  Her book is her story about growing up in Scientology and her realization about what the organization really was.  When she finally was able to separate herself from the “church”, she was able to see its’ flaws.  The story is written in her voice and if you are a fan, you know what I am referring to when I say that.

This was an interesting look into her world and what she had to go through.  I will probably look into reading more material from others who have broken free from Scientology, but this was a great place to start.

I gave it 4 crowns.



The Cake Therapist by: Judith Fertig

the Cake Therapist

Book #9 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

I absolutely love this cover and the design of the paperback edition of this book.  It has beautiful French flaps with decorative edges; the end pages are covered in pictures of cakes and the pages have deckled edges.

Ok, enough about my obsession with the design of this book.  The story is about a baker, Claire, that moves from NY to Millcreek Valley an opens up her own bakery in the middle of this wedding planning town.  She specializes in being able to “see” what flavor each customer is bringing to the table with them.  In other words, she can your feelings and back story and out them into a flavor profile.  She utilizes her talent to create delicious and perfectly crafted cakes for each person.  The employers of her bakery have their own back story and they are examined briefly throughout the story.

This was a much anticipated read for me and I was not disappointed.  I liked the writing style and the storyline and I am thrilled that there will be a sequel out in June of this year.

I gave this book 5 crowns.



Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by: Lucy Knisley


This graphic novel is written/created by one of my new favorite author/artists.  I can’t wait to get my hand on all of the other graphic novels that she has written.  Lucy is an artist that grew up around food and the cultures of cities that involve food.  She is the epitome of a foodie.  The story was amazing and her illustrations are perfect.  The colors and images are gorgeous and I am now obsessed.

Growing up in Brooklyn during the time when food and food culture started to blossom, Lucy describes her life living with her mother who is a caterer and her father who loved delicious food.  Lucy is an artist but she also understood at an early age that food is an art form as well.  As she moves and travels to other locations, the memories that stay with her involve the food she experienced in each place.  I loved it.

I gave this 5 crowns!


In the Woods by: Tana French

In the Woods.jpg

I seem to be finding more and more books and authors through watching videos on BookTube.  This is a series called the Dublin Murder Squad and I love murder mystery stories and TV shows.  I was interested in this series because I always read James Patterson’s Woman’s Murder Club and was looking for something different.

This book was definitely different.  If you have ever read any James Patterson books, you know that they are quick reads and have a large font with short chapter.  This book was the exact opposite of that.  The chapters were long and the font is extremely small.  It took a while for me to get through it for those reasons.  I did think that it had a slow start but once it picked up, I couldn’t put it down and had to know the outcome.

The writing style was beautiful.  It was descriptive and I really loved the language used.  This follows 3 main detectives from this squad as they investigate the murder of a 12 year old girl that was found at the site of an archeological dig that will lead to a new motorway in town.  There is an outstanding case that involves the disappearance of two young children back in the 80’s in the same woods where this young girl was found.

It was a good read and I will pick up the next in the series but I will not marathon this series because I feel that it will be too much.

I gave this book 3 1/2 crowns.