Shade Me by: Jennifer Brown

Shade Me

Book #8 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

I received this ARC at ComicCon in 2015.  I wasn’t sure if I would pick it to read at all but I was looking for a Suspense book and this is what I had on my shelf.  Once again, I am glad that I picked it up to read.  I have found myself reading a bit more YA books than I normally do and I’m ok with that as long as they are good.

This is one of the good ones.  Nikki Kill (ok, bad name) suffers from synesthesia which simply put means that she sees and experiences colors with letters and numbers.  She also seems to pick up color “vibes” from people and struggles in school and in life in general.  I had never heard of this condition before so I found it interesting to read about.

In this first of a series book, Nikki is dragged into a mystery that she is determined to solve.  She is called by a girl in her school that she has never really spoken to before and al she can hear is what seems to be a struggle before the call goes dead.  When she receives a call from the hospital to come and see who called her, she is brought into a situation that forces her to face her demons.

It is a page turner and kept my interest all the way through the book.  It was a little predictable but not so much so that it wasn’t enjoyable.  I would probably pick up the next in the series to see what is next for Nikki Kill.

I give it 4 crowns.


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