The Willing by: Gary Smith

the willing

From the Publisher:

The Willing’s protagonist, Warren Steelgrave, has had a unique and successful life. Recently retired and a little bored, Warren decides that unlike his friends, he is not going to sit around, play golf, and wait to die. At age 65, he is going to Italy to start the last chapter of his life and find adventure.
In Florence, Warren falls in love with Cindy O’Brian, a singer/songwriter in his Italian language class. But someone is watching them, and Warren soon suspects that Cindy may not be who she claims. Smitten by love, however, he decides to help her flee Italy, and the chase begins. Before it’s over there will be two dead bodies, a secret government file, a jealous husband, fake identities, a safe house, and personal betrayal as the FBI searches for them and others want to kill them both. Warren wonders if the strange and disjointed life he’s led has been preparing him to fulfill his destiny—and is this it?
My Review:  I loved the synopsis of this book and readily agreed to read this book in exchange for an honest review.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I expected.  The writing and sentence structure was choppy and the editing was almost non-existent.  There were so many spelling and grammatical mistakes that I was annoyed.
At one point in the story, the author listed street name after street name after street name while telling us where the main character was heading.  I honestly don’t care about the name of the streets unless they hold some relevance to the story.  It was a very short book and the story line could have made for a intriguing read but it just wasn’t good.
I gave this 1 crown.

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