Guilt by Association by: Marcia Clark

Guilt by Association

Ok, I had no idea that Marcia Clark…yes, this Marcia Clark marcia clark1-web

became an author after her infamous career as the DA of the O.J. Simpson trial.  I was reading through an Entertainment Weekly magazine and saw that she became an author and wrote mysteries that had nothing to do with this case.  Oh, and she changed her hairstyle…thank God!

Meet Marcia Clark, author.


Anyway, I was looking through (surprise, surprise) and saw that they had all 4 of her Rachel Knight series.  I ordered them…book buying ban be damned.

So I read the first of this series: Guilt by Association and loved it.  This is book #10 of #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.  I really enjoyed the writing style and the honesty and snarkiness of the main character D.A. Rachel Knight.  Marcia took what she knew and created stories that are so realistic you can envision them in your head as you read.  In this story we are introduced to D.A. Rachel Knight and her friends.  They are devastated by the untimely and mysterious murder of a coworker.  She is also assigned to solve the case of a rape victim whose father has some strong political ties in the community.  I really enjoyed the suspense and details throughout the story.

I will read this series and look forward to her new book out this year.  I gave this book 5 crowns.


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