The Accidental Bestseller by: Wendy Wax

The Accidental Bestseller

I am a big fan of Wendy Wax and her books are never a disappointment.  This is one of her older published works but I had yet to read it.  This is book #13 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.

Wendy writes about women and makes the reader feel as if these are real people that you know.  This story is about a group of 4 women authors and their struggles to make it in the publishing industry and in their own lives.  Each woman has her own secrets that she wants to expose but is afraid to.  When the main character Kendall has what seems to be the worst luck and has her life fall apart around her, her friends think nothing of jumping in to help her put the pieces back together; even if it means risking their reputations in doing so.

This is a beautiful story about the power of friendship and the bond that is strong enough to withhold even the dirtiest of secrets.  I love the fact that as a reader you get the story from the sides of both the author and the industry.  If you haven’t picked up a Wendy Wax novel, please do so!

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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