The Glass Kitchen: A Novel of Sisters by: Linda Francis Lee

The Glass Kitchen

Book #11 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.  I have wanted to read this book for a while and decided to finally pick it up.  I was intrigued to find that it was a similar storyline to The Cake Therapist in that the main character, Portia, was blessed with a gift of “knowing”.

This inherited gift allows Portia to have the ability to know what to cook without knowing exactly who it is for or why they need it.  This worked well for her when she owned her restaurant, the Glass Kitchen, in Texas, but after a series of unfortunate events, she packs up her life and moves to Manhattan to be closer to her sisters.

Her sisters do not have the “knowing” and don’t know exactly how they feel about their sister’s gift.  However, as each of their lives twist and turn, they decide to open the Glass Kitchen in NYC.  There are many events that occur that make this easier said then done.

It is touching and fun and I enjoyed this fully.  I love books that involve cooking a food and this did not disappoint.

I gave this 5 crowns.



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