An Object of Beauty by: Steve Martin

An Object of Beauty

Book #15 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks has been on my shelf for a few months.  I read ShopGirl by Steve Martin years ago and remember liking it.  I decided to pick this book up on audiobook and listen to it during my commute.

I wasn’t really sure what this was about exactly before getting into it but it turned out to be a mixture of art history and contemporary fiction.  The main character in the story was a young woman who worked her way through the art world in galleries and auction houses.  She made a name for herself in both positive and negative ways.  The narrator of the story was one of her friends who from the very beginning says that some of the information that he has on his friend Lacey is filled in by his own detailed imagination.  It was told as if it was a true story.

It wasn’t really a book that I would have picked up if I had known the plot but it wasn’t a terrible read.  I gave this book 2 crowns.



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