Hatter M: Far From Wonder by: Frank Beddor

Far From Wonder

Book #17 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks was this graphic novel that is a companion to The Looking Glass Wars series by the same author.  Now, I just started reading graphic novels and I have enjoyed the few that I have read but they were more memoir and foodie type graphic novels.

This companion to The Looking Glass Wars tells the story of Hatter Madigan when he is charged to take Alyss away from Wonderland and keep her safe.  As they jump into the Pool of Tears, they get separated and this series of Hatter M stories tells the reader about his journey to find her.

For me, it was ok.  I liked to know what Hatter M. went through while searching for Alyss but I prefer to read the novels.  I felt that something was missing in this graphic novel version.

I gave this 2 crowns.



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Filed under Graphic Novel, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Series, Young Adult

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