Tempting Fate by: Jane Green

tempting fate

Book #20 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks!  I have read Jane Green novels before and I was able to pick this copy up on BookOutlet.com for a great price!  This has some controversial reviews on Goodreads due to the nature of this book.

In Tempting Fate, we are introduced to a couple that has been “happily married” for 18 years.  They are each others best friends but it seems as if their relationship has become routine.  As Gabby has a girl’s night out, she tempts fate and chats it up with a younger handsome man at the bar.  She finds herself fantasizing about him and desperately awaiting each email he sends.

Elliot, her husband, is none the wiser and is shocked when he finds out all of the horrendous details of Gabby’s infidelity.  Jane Green takes a look at not only the couple’s relationship, but the impact on all of those around them.

It is an interesting twist on a well known tale of betrayal and love.

I gave this 4 crowns.



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