Everything I Need to Know I Learned from A Little Golden Book by: Diane Muldrow

Everthing I need to know in life...

Book #23 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.  I didn’t go out looking for this book this was something that I happened to find on BookOutlet.com and had to get.  I loved Little Golden Books as a child.  The pictures were adorable and stuck with me my entire life.  I can remember some of the littlest details of some of my favorite Golden Books even now.  I even started collecting some of the older Golden Books from Flea Markets and antique sales.

When I saw this, I was excited to relive some of that magic.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed.  Yes, the images from the older Golden Books were there, but none of the ones that I really remembered as these were taken from the books published in the late 40’s and 50’s.  I thought that this would take some of those iconic lessons and relate them to life as an adult and although it did try to do that, it wasn’t successful for me.  The few words per page would have been so much better if the entire book followed the format of the introduction.

I gave this 1 crown.


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