The Memory of Lemon by: Judith Fertig

the memory of lemon

In this sequel to The Cake Therapist, we continue to learn more about Claire “Neely”.  Her bakery, Rainbow Cake, continues to thrive and her wedding cake business is growing.  Neely has been given the gift of “flavor psychic” and is able to determine the flavors that her clients and customers need and she can experience their histories and give them the dessert that they crave.

In The Memory of Lemon, we are taken on a journey through the past of a bride and her mother.  There is a lot of back and forth in time and I was getting a bit confused, but it does come together nicely at the end.  Not only do we watch Neely struggle with trying to “read” this particular client, but we learn a lot about her past and her current life.

Every time I read one Judith’s books, I want to travel to a bakery and devour some delicious desserts.  You can taste and smell along with Neely, what she experiencing.  This is definitely a book that you need to have some lemony treats along side.

I gave this book 5 crowns.


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