Before We Met by: Lucie Whitehouse

before we met

Book #38 in #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks

First let me say that this cover is gorgeous!  I love it.  It is simple but like nothing I’ve seen before.

This is blurbed to be the Brit version of Gone Girl; right on the front cover.  So what does that immediately tell you?  There are twists and nothing is as it seems.  The back cover summary doesn’t give much away so it is nice to go into this blind, but with that damn blurb on the front cover, I was able to guess my way accurately through the book.  The beginning is a bit slow but the end does pick up and I wanted to finish to see if I was correct in my assumptions.  I was and that made this book frustrating.  Was it predictable?  Was it that I knew that the twists lead to something that should have been surprising therefore giving away the conclusion?  Gone Girl is so specific in its’ twists that by saying that this book or any other book is similar, is giving away the plot line; and that is annoying.

The words were packed onto each page and like I mentioned previously, it was slow going at first.  The story line did pick up and was a a decent read.  If you don’t know anything about Gone Girl, then pick up this book.

I gave this book 3 crowns.




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