Brooklyn by: Colm Toibin


Book #55 for #ReadMyOwnDamnBooks.

I won a copy of this book from Goodreads and had finally decided to read it.  Well, I listened to it being read.  I find that I am a sucker for listening to Audiobooks when the characters in the story have accents.  I know that I would never be able to read it the same way.

This is a story about a young Irish immigrant who comes to America more specifically Brookyln, looking for a better life.  Stereotypical? Yes.  Based loosely on events that really happened after World War II? Yes.  Although this is a fictional story, the fact is that after the war, many immigrants came to American looking for a new life.

This is the story of Eilis who was sent to Brooklyn by her mother and sister in order to learn all she could about the business world.  We learn of her struggle with homesickness and the turmoil of living in a boarding house with other women who had immigrated here. We hear in short tidbits about the rough relationship between the Irish and the Italians that had come to the same neighborhoods to work.

The story was good and narrator, Kirsten Potter, was excellent.

I gave this book 4 crowns.


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