Unhinged by: A.G. Howard


The is the second book in the Splintered series.  I am trying to find this series in hardback copies, as I only own the first.  I listened to this book on audio as well.  Firstly, look at this cover!  Gorgeous!

So without going into too much detail, this second book mostly takes place on earth as opposed to in Wonderland like the first book.  Some of the Wonderland creatures have made it to Alyssa’s world and she must decide what to do.  She is torn between remaining in her world and returning to Wonderland or some combination of both.  She has been keeping her secrets from family and friends and once again, she has to figure out what to do and who who to trust.

Yes, the love triangle still exists, but it is not one that is a turn-off like they usually are.  I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to see what happens next.

I give this book 5 crowns.


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