All the Stars in the Heavens by: Adriana Trigiani


I love Adriana Trigiani’s writing style.  Her stories evoke laughter and tears, anger and hope and the familiarity of living in an Italian family that I can relate to.  I don’t know why I always hesitate when I comes to reading her books because when I do, I am enamored.

In this stand alone story, Adriana takes us back in time to the 1930’s in Hollywood.  We follow along with characters such as Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy.  Our story is mainly told through the eyes of Gretchen (Loretta) Young and Alda Ducci.  This novel transports you in time just the way the movies did in those days.  I was fully immersed in the story.

I did listen to this on audio but I know that if you read the physical copy, you will have the same experience.  My one tiny complaint is that I wished the flipping back and forth between using Loretta and Gretchen as her name was a bit more consistent.  In the same sentence we would see both names used for no particular reason.

Even with that one issue, I gave this book 5 crowns.


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