Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Underrated Books


“Give some love to those books that aren’t as widely talked about. Those hidden gems. Those books that maybe used to be popular but people have forgotten about and they still deserve some love.” TOP 5 WEDNESDAY GOODREADS GROUP


I absolutely fell in love with this series by Colleen Houck when it was released.  She is still releasing more and there is rumor to be a movie for this series soon!  YAY!


I still have to read the last one but I really enjoyed this series.  I am not one for alternate universes and realities but this was done so well.


This is a fun series about a group of older women and their unlikely friendship.  Ten Beach Road is the name of this series but Wendy also has some other wonderful books.  She is an auto-buy author for me for sure.

This is the Valentine series by Adriana Trigiani.  If you like to read about crazy Italian families, this author is for you and this is where to start.  She always makes me laugh out loud and sometimes cry a bit.


I do not like everything James Patterson writes but I am a fan of the Women’s Murder Club series.  This May the 16th one will be released and I have them all.


I hope that if you haven’t read these books or heard of these authors before, that you look into them and give them a chance.

Happy Reading!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Underrated Books

  1. The Ten Beach Road series is definitely going on my list for the next time I want a feel-good read. They sound similar to Cathy Lamb’s books, which I love. Have you read any of them?

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