Looking Ahead to 2018 Reading Goal #1


So, as we head into another year, I am thinking about what I want my book life to look like.  Obviously, that includes this blog, so exciting things await!

As I do most days, I was watching my subscription list videos on Youtube which are mostly Booktube videos and I heard Jen the Librarian mention the 2018 Beat the Backlist challenge and her intention to participate in it.  Here is a link to her video https://youtu.be/2xnp80tHcAY.  I jumped over to the blog to see the details  http://novelknight.com/2018-beat-backlist/.   I am so excited about participating in this for 2018.  The goal is to read books that have been published before 2018.  You receive 1 point for every backlisted book read and each month the members of the winning team (the most points), have a chance to win a prize.


This is my TBR bookcase.  There are a few books not housed in this case right now, bit this is the majority of books I have yet to read.  Yes, there is a Nook in there as well that plenty of ebooks on it.

This challenge is a great opportunity to let my competitive spirit out and playfully compete against other teams.  The books in this case are all Backlisted books!  I’m excited.

My team is:  BTB2018_DDTeam

I hope you will join in!  This will be fun!

Happy Reading!

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