Looking Ahead Reading Goal #2

pro_reader_120  Netgalley:  This is an amazingly wonderful site in which readers who like to review books can sign up and requests E-ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to read and review.  I love this site and have requested and reviewed over 100 books here.  However, sometimes I get very excited and over-request books.  Then I become overwhelmed and have a backlog of books to read…like I do right now.

My next goal for 2018, is to really limit the number of books I request through Netgalley.  I am thinking about making that limit be 1 or 2 books a month if there is something that I really am interested in.

I want to read what I own and I want to be able to read and review new books in a timely manner and not have to feel bad for not getting to a bunch of books before or around their release date.

This will also help me and my team, Dewey Dragons, in the 2018 Beat the Backlist Challenge.  For more info, see my previous post.



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